Plastic Injection Molding of Nylon Mobile Localizer Base & Cover for the Medical Industry

As a versatile custom injection molding company, at Harbor Plastics, we offer injection molding of a myriad of component types and sizes. This mobile localizer base and cover set was manufactured for a customer in the medical industry. The base and cover are molded from Grilamid TR55 nylon with a SPI-SPE #6 textured finish. The base is 113mm x 121.5mm x 42.5mm with .25mm deep text and symbols on both the base and cover.

Component surfaces conform to tolerance requirements of .038mm for concentricity, .05 mm for perpendicularity, 0.1mm for surface profile, and .25mm for flatness. Dimensional tolerances as tight as .12mm were held where specified. Heat treating of the nylon parts was also applied according to customer specifications. For this project, 1200 of these base and cover units were produced with a cycle rate of 40 pieces per hour. For more information about this custom injection molding project, see the table below, or contact Harbor Plastics directly.

Plastic Injection Molding of Nylon Mobile Localizer Base & Cover - Project Details

Product Description
These Mobile Localizer Base and Covers are used within the medical industry
Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes
Injection Molding
Heat Treated
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 113.0mm
Width: 121.5mm
Height: 42.5mm
Text Height:

Height: 10mm Min.
Depth: .25mm
Length: 118.5mm
Width: 127.0mm
Height: 60.58mm

Length: 25mm Min.
Depth: .25mm
Tightest Tolerances
Concentricity of .038 mm
Perpendicularity of .05mm
Profile of Surface of .1mm
Flatness of .25mm
Material Used
Natural Grilamid TR55
Marked Surface to be Bead Blasted
Cycle Time
40 Pieces Per Hour
Industry for Use
1200 pieces
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
SPI-SPE 6 (Textured Finish)
Product Name
Mobile Localizer Base & Cover

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