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Plastic Injection Molding

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Plastic injection molding is a widely employed manufacturing technique known for its versatility and efficiency in producing plastic components. The process entails several key steps: material selection, where a suitable polymer resin is chosen; melting, achieved through heating the plastic material in an extruder; injection, wherein molten plastic is forcefully introduced into a mold cavity; cooling, allowing the plastic to solidify into the desired shape; ejection, separating the mold halves to release the finished part; trimming and finishing, which may involve manual or automated processes; quality control checks to ensure dimensional and structural adherence; optional regrinding of excess material for reuse; and finally, packaging and shipping of the quality-approved parts. This method is prized for its precision, high production rates, and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice in industries ranging from automotive and electronics to consumer goods and medical devices.

Our Mold Capabilities

Harbor Plastics offers Plastic Injection Molding Services with specific mold size requirements to ensure optimal production outcomes. The company accommodates molds with a maximum length of 36 inches (914.4 mm) and a maximum width of 28 inches (711.2 mm). These constraints allow for precision and efficiency in the molding process, ensuring that the produced plastic parts meet the desired specifications. Harbor Plastics' commitment to these mold size parameters reflects their dedication to delivering high-quality and accurately molded components for various industrial applications.

Industries We Serve

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At Harbor Plastics, we take pride in our ability to serve a wide spectrum of industries.

In the aerospace sector, we offer high-performance materials that play a pivotal role in creating lightweight components and cutting-edge structures. For the automotive industry, we provide solutions that enhance both the interior and exterior of vehicles, contributing to improved performance and aesthetics. In construction, our materials are utilized to craft durable and sustainable building designs. In the electronics industry, we supply crucial components for electronic devices and circuits. Within the energy sector, we serve various sub-industries, including solar and wind, helping optimize energy production and storage. We also support oil & gas, nuclear, and marine applications, ensuring safety and efficiency in challenging environments. Our commitment extends to the medical field, where we offer non-invasive solutions and support healthcare advancements. Moreover, we meet the stringent requirements of military and government applications, ensuring security and reliability.

Across all these sectors, we prioritize sustainability through eco-friendly materials and practices, working diligently to promote a greener future.

Machining Prototyping for Mold Making

Harbor Plastics excels in machining prototype mold making, offering a distinct advantage over traditional 3D printing methods. With state-of-the-art in-house machining capabilities and a skilled workforce, the company ensures precision and efficiency in crafting molds tailored to specific client requirements. Unlike 3D printing, Harbor Plastics' machining expertise allows for the production of prototypes with intricate details and a diverse range of materials, ensuring a closer alignment with the intended production specifications. The emphasis on rapid prototyping and flexible customization, coupled with stringent quality control measures, positions Harbor Plastics as a reliable partner for clients seeking high-quality mold building services that go beyond the limitations of 3D printing.

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