Find the Plastic Injection Molding Minnesota Businesses Respect

Created at : Dec 14, 2021

Business owners understand the importance of choosing a plastic injection molding business in Minnesota that can be trusted and respected when it comes to quality work that is always reliable and dependable. As a matter of fact, in terms of producing a wide range of unique and innovative products through the injection molding process, it is important to work with professionals where there is a team of experts on staff. While there are many companies throughout the region and across the state as well as around the country offering this type of service, one company has clearly outperformed the competition each year.

Producing a Myriad of Components of Different Types and Sizes

Harbor Plastics is a respected and reliable source for outstanding high quality plastic injection molding Minnesota businesses can respect. The company brings to the table a wealth of experience when considering a vast array of unique and innovative molding techniques and processes. Producing a myriad of components of different types and sizes, anything is possible when choosing Harbor Plastics. In many cases, the first step in getting it right when it comes to this type of service is having professionally crafted custom mold drawings created. The next step is to typically select the best material of choice.

Lead Time and Production Volume

From poly propylene to poly carbonate and plastic as well as polyurethane and acrylic along with nylon and other advanced materials, there are many options in terms of which material will best suite a particular job’s needs. Other key considerations to take into account include everything from mold width and mold length to shot size as well as clamping force, tolerance, lead time and production volume. Best of all, Harbor Plastics offers a variety of secondary services including everything from drilling to hot stamping and light assembly as well as barcoding and labeling in addition to sonic welding and tooling. To learn more contact Harbor Plastics today online or simply call.